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Seniors In Your Community Should Know 
That You Have Solutions To Their Real Estate Problems

Trusted Expert

We have a network of local experts all over the nation that co-author our books and use them to stand out in their local market.

Stand Out 

While everyone else is passing out business cards and junk mail, our local experts are passing our their books and workbooks.

More Leads

Our Local Edition authors speak to large groups of the community at one time. Instead of chasing customers local seniors and their family members are call us asking if we will work with them.

How Many Deals Are You Missing Out On Because Your Potential Customer Chose Someone Else? 

What is the cost of losing one new customer? 
If Your Current Prospects Are Not Calling You Back Because They Chose Someone Else, How Much Profit Are You Missing Out On Each Month?
 This Is a Major Problem That Needs Action... But What Is The Solution? 
We Have Created An Innovative System That Helps Local Real Estate Professionals Establish Themselves As The Trusted Experts In Their Area Through Authorship.
 The Best Part? You Can Be Fully Up and Running With Your Books In Less Than 30 Days. 

Become A Trusted Expert For Your Area

Become An Author In Less Than 30 Days

Complete Training On How To Market Your Book

Weekly Marketing Calls For You And Your Team

Three Easy Steps To Become The Local Expert In Your Area

Step 1

Schedule A Quick 15 Minute Call

Step 2

Set Up Your Account

Step 3

Complete A Quick Content Interview and Receive Your Books and Blueprint for Helping Seniors, In Less Than 30 Days

What Our Community Is Saying 

“The Silver Tsunami will be the biggest wealth transfer in our history. I am glad I found out about this system so our company can take advantage of it.”
  • Moe Mathews, Realtor and Investor - Richmond, Virginia
“Max, you really have something with this system. When people find out about this you are going to be busy helping a lot of people.”
  • Kyle Wilson, Former Business Partner of 18 Years with Jim Rohn
“This system is going to help a lot of people.”
  • Gene Guarino, CEO of the Residential Assisted Living Academy - Phoenix, Arizona

A Unique Way To Attract Real Estate Customers

At Customers Chasing You we know that you want to be the go-to authority in assisting senior citizens with their real estate needs.

In order to do that, your community needs to know that you care for seniors and have solutions to help them. 

The problem is that you're having trouble setting yourself apart from other real estate professionals, which makes you feel frustrated that you're wasting time chasing customers instead of helping seniors solve their problems. 

We believe that the seniors in your community should know that you care and have solutions to their real estate needs.

You know seniors who don't have people to help them.  We've been helping seniors for years by educating them and providing solutions. We know how to help and we want to give you the tools to help seniors in your community.

Feedback From Our Community

Licensees in Powhatan, VA
"I give out my business cards everywhere. This book is my new business card." 
  • Don Corbett, Realtor and Investor - Powhatan, Virginia
"The program resources are very informative and has helped with goal setting and accomplishments."
  • Christy Brewer, Local Expert - St. Louis, Missouri
"Fabulous in response time and feedback."
  • Jana Gillis, Local Expert - Austin, Texas

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Customers Chasing You

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